Report by Dawn Vickers

Second Place - Alejandro Hernandez and Kerri-Anne Donaldson. This was their first Professional competition and they took to the floor looking truly professional. I loved the look,Kerri-Anne with her hair down looking much softer; with a lovely elegant black dress which danced beautifully, the red shoes complemented it perfectly. Nice touch to change to silver in the final. I liked their approach, which was visible and had a good deal of man/woman interaction. They challenged all the way tonight and for me it would have been no surprise if they had won.

Report by Pamela McGill

A Clear Second Place was awarded to Alejandro Hernandez and Kerri-Anne Donaldson 

Who were placed second in all five dances. Wow! I thought Alejandro and Kerri-Anne had a great night.  Alejandro was on fire! Didn't hold anything back, just danced himself full on from the first round and Kerri-Anne herself calmly and elegantly complemented her wonderful partner.  Kerri-Anne is not a brash, bold type of dancer, she can conduct herself in a quiet and sophisticated was as she breathes through her emotions.  This style is yours Kerri-Anne, and it suits you so much, embrace in now by adding more vibrant shaping through the body.  Not many couples these days seem to dance for each other as well as with each other, not Alejandro and Kerri-Anne, the chemistry between them is very much in view

Alejandro and Kerri-Anne with Gianluca Paganelli in Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

'Passione Italiana'24th June 2011,  A day of fine wine, outstanding cuisine, quality Chocolate, Stunning Cars and Beautiful Music.  All created with Passion!

The gala dinner designed and  prepared by Francesco Mazzei of award winning London Restaurant L'Amima will be served with a selection of high quality wines.  The evening did close with a recital by a rising star in classical music,Gianluca Paganelli, who did entertain with songs from his album 'Tango' where Alejandro and Kerri did support with some amazing dance routines.


Alejandro and Kerri Supporting Gianluca Paganelli on Tour

The Tour Has Begun Alejandro and Kerri are proud to be the Dancers supporting Gianluca's Debut UK Tour, they are dancing the Rumba, the Paso Doble and the Tango.

Also to find out more about Gianluca who we are supporting in this amazing tour click here


Report from 2010 British National Amateur Latin, Blackpool by Timothy Palmer

Alejandro Hernandez and Kerri-Anne Donaldson (Farnham).

2009 runners-up Alejandro and Kerri-Anne were very worthy adversaries for the champions and completed a top slot dyad with them in the final round confrontation. They have grown so much in performance and competitive stature over the last year, looking sleek, stylish and highly dangerous for the international front too.

Alejandro is a study in how to perform modern Latin dance to perfection and remain looking totally masculine. Kerri-Anne is one of the loveliest and most talented of Latin ladies and has that ability  of the best in this style to radiate femininity  whilst never crossing the boundary  of good taste: to use the technique of this wonderful style of dance to present human form and motion at its best, without ever flaunting anything! Like the winners, they are superb role models for those aspiring to follow in they footsteps.

In this final, as evidence of continuing popularity of Africana in Latin couture, Kerri-Anne wore silver with magenta flowers and green leaf motifs, changing from the coffee with black sequined flowers of the quarter-final. Paso Doble was the dance that challenged the champions most strongly, its choreography showing great narrative clarity and moments of palpable drama.

Timothy Palmer


Alejandro and Kerri went to Spain many times to improve thier Paso Doble!

Paso Doble originates from Spain. It developed on the basis of movements performed by the matadors during the bull fights and Flamenco. In Paso Doble the man is in focus more than in any other dance. The dance came into fashion around 1920.

So where best to gain inspiration than in Spain, Alejandro's home, where some of the greatest Paso dancers perform. 

Alejandro and Kerri-Anne did always love the experience in Spain and did take so much inspiration in this dance.